UE Mega Boom 360-Degree Bluetooth Speaker Review

When the time came to treat the general public with a new Bluetooth speaker, UE found itself in a quandary. The question that troubled them – How to pique public interest, when Logitech’s previous creation, UE Boom, was doing so well in the market? They decided to go bigger, better, and stronger and introduced the new Bluetooth speaker under the name of UE Mega Boom.

Since UE Mega Boom is UE Boom plus more, the price has also increased. The features and improvements that Logitech has incorporated in UE Mega Boom include an increase in size, louder sound, better sound quality, fuller bass, improved battery life, wider coverage area, speakerphone, and feature-rich app. Do the features and improvements justify the increase in the price of the Bluetooth speaker? Let’s find out, shall we?

UE Mega Boom Bluetooth Speaker Review
The Great
Minimalist design, Waterproof, Tough
App to pair, control volume, and EQ
Louder sound, rich bass
Long  battery life, Excellent Bluetooth range


The Not-So Great
Expensive, Large speaker
Very limited pairing memory
 Limited hardware warranty
Key Highlights
  • Bigger and heavier than the UE Boom Bluetooth speaker. Has a good colorful exterior with a rubber gasket to cover the concave end.
  • Available in four different colors
  • UE Mega Boom is waterproof. You can test it, but don’t submerge in water for long
  • Larger drivers and passive radiators result in richer and fuller bass
  • Users experience louder and much more balanced sound. UE Mega Boom has 360-degree audio feature
  • UE Mega Boom performs well, both indoor and outdoor
  • Can be paired with multiple Bluetooth speakers to amplify the output
  • UE Mega Boom has a micro-USB port to charge the battery. Plug the speaker into a power source for 2.5 hours to fully charge the speaker.
  • Turn on/off and change settings using the UE Mega Boom app
  • UE Mega Boom comes with speakerphone feature


Design Features Sound Warranty Overall



Price Range  $$
Weight 1.93 lbs
Dimensions (H x W x D) 8.9 x 3.3 x 3.3 inch
Battery Life 20 hours
Wireless Range 100-feet
Frequency 65Hz – 20KHz
Power Micro-USB Charger
Wireless Remote Control Yes (app)


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Lets Break It Down



Logitech has beefed up the UE Boom to give us the Mega Boom speakers. The Mega Boom speakers are an inch thicker, a couple of inches taller, and heavier than its predecessor. There are some who appreciate the increase in size, but frankly, I won’t call this portable. I had to use a separate backpack just to carry this speaker.

Logitech has maintained the same cylindrical shape and minimalist design. It must have thought, Why change something that’s working so well? The cylindrical design is well received by the general public, so it makes sense to continue with the same design. The on/off power button is still at the concave top and the volume increase/decrease buttons on the front.

Wrapped around the cylindrical speaker is a colorful fabric; the Aux In and micro-USB ports are well covered with a rubber cap that can easily be removed. Along with the micro-USB port (to charge the battery), there is an auxiliary input port to create a wired connection using a 3.5mm connector jack.

The UE Mega Boom is IPX7 certified, which means it is waterproof. To test this claim, I dunked the speaker into a bucket of water for a couple of minutes. I was subjected to angry stares from family members till Mega Boom sent music reverberating through the water.

The increase in size isn’t enough to convince the public, the new speaker needs to be considerably better than its predecessor. Logitech has made many improvements to the existing features. It has upgraded the Bluetooth coverage area of the speaker. The paired device can be anywhere within 100 feet of the speaker.



It took me less than a minute to pair the speaker with my Android device. Apple device users can similarly pair their devices with ease. To pair the device, press the Bluetooth button next to the on/off option. Next, on the Apple or Android device look for the UE MEGABOOM option and initiate the pairing process. UE Mega Boom can simultaneously store two paired devices. To add a new device, users have to erase the memory.

Users can control the speaker by way of an app that’s available for both Apple and Android devices. The app can be used to switch on/off, change tracks, increase/decrease volume, check battery life, edit the EQ, set alarm, disable alerts, and even pair devices. I’ve never seen so many options in any other Bluetooth speaker app.

UE Mega Boom can be paired with other Bluetooth speakers to improve its performance. I tried left/right stereo pairing with Mega Boom and Boom. It didn’t work. Apparently, to create left/right stereo pair both the speakers need to be UE Mega Boom.



UE Mega Boom is competing with its predecessor as well as other brands on the market. To stand tall and stand out, UE Mega Boom has considerably improved the audio performance. The audio is clear, balanced, and crisp. I tested the output quality with a variety of music tracks; the UE Mega Boom skillfully handled the mix well.

The UE Mega Boom can easily fill a small room with clear music and rich bass with very little distortion. Improvement in performance can be rightly attributed to two 4-inch passive radiators and two large 2-inch drivers. The 360-degree audio ensures everyone in the room enjoys the music.

The Mega Boom Bluetooth speakers are not without limitations. Users shouldn’t get carried away and push the boundaries by playing certain tracks at maximum volume. Keep the speakers under 85-90 decibels for distortion-free performance.

Description of this 360-degree wireless Bluetooth speaker is incomplete without reference to the speakerphone function. I could hear the caller’s voice loud and clear and the person on the other side had no difficulty understanding what I had to say.

A fully charged battery will give 20 hours of playtime at moderate volume. This is nearly 25% more than the earlier models.

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Our Verdict

A single unit of UE Mega Boom costs around $200 and I’ll have to spend double to make a stereo pair. There are speakers that are better than UE Mega Boom available in the market, but they cost significantly more. The UE Mega Boom delivers on design, functionality, and performance. The addition of new features and improvement of existing functions is surely worth the extra cost.

UE Mega Boom Bluetooth Speaker Review