House of Marley Get Together Mini BT Bluetooth Speaker Review

When I look at the Bluetooth speakers that are on display in shops nowadays I can’t help but wonder why they all look similar. Some speakers come in identical shapes, some use the same metal or plastic material, or adopt the same color palette. Just when I was wondering ‘Seriously, why don’t the manufactures come up with something new??’, I noticed the House of Marley Get Together BT.

House of Marley has made use of a natural material – Bamboo – to come up with a retro design that just grabs attention at first sight. The company, House of Marley, was founded by Marley family. So, users can rightly expect the company to reflect Bob’s philosophy, namely, charity, sustainability, and equality.

The House of Marley Get Together Bluetooth Speaker has a clean, classic, and unique design. The company’s founding principles are honorable and laudable. But, in terms of features and performance, can Get Together compete with other Bluetooth speakers? Let’s find out.

House of Marley Get Together Mini BT Bluetooth Speaker Review
The Great
Made of eco-friendly materials (Bamboo and REWIND fabric)
Also, connects with non-Bluetooth supported devices using 3.5mm audio input
Excellent stereo effect
Clear and crisp sound that fills the room
The Not-So Great
Heavy speaker, weighs around 6lbs
Not water-resistant


Key Highlights
  • Made of natural and eco-friendly materials like bamboo and REWIND fabric
  • Connects with both Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth supported devices.
  • 5mm audio input to play audio from non-Bluetooth supported devices
  • Pair any Bluetooth device in a matter of seconds. Ability to automatically connect to the last device used
  • The lithium ion rechargeable battery has a playtime of 8 hours
  • Has a maximum wireless range of 30 meters (approx. 100 feet)
  • Two tweeters and two woofers give excellent stereo effect
  • Produces clear and crisp sound, but pretty average bass



Design Features Sound Warranty Overall



Price Range  $$
Weight 5.6 lbs
Dimensions (H x W x D) 5.8 x 15.75 x 3.3 inch
Battery Life 8 hours
Wireless Range 100-feet
Power  Battery, USB Charging
Wireless Remote Control No


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Lets Break It Down



Does the design remind us of Bob Marley or Jamaica? The makers have combined natural material, Bamboo, and eco-friendly fabric REWIND to produce a clean design which reminds us of the 60’s. The REWIND fabric, like the bamboo, is an eco-friendly option. It’s made of organic cotton, hemp, and recycled bottles.

On unpacking, the first thing I noticed was the lack of padding to protect the speakers. Maybe, the manufacturers felt the bamboo exterior would withstand the wear and tear of the journey. Anyways, the small box that accompanied the speaker contained the documentation and charger.

Portability has become the biggest casualty of this eco-friendly speaker. The half inch thick bamboo exterior, two 1-inch tweeters, and two 3.5-inch woofers shore up the weight of the speaker to nearly 6lbs (5lbs 6oz). The two woofers aren’t protected by the metal or plastic mesh that we find in most other speakers. This unique look adds to the appeal of this speaker. The name of the brand carved on the front gives it a classic look. To find information about the battery and the company look at the label at the bottom of the speaker.

Bamboo, an inch thick, is placed at the front and back end of the speaker. The REWIND material is used to cover the top and bottom. On the top side, we find the various controls. On the right side of the on/off power button an LED indicator is located. To the left of the power switch is the Bluetooth button. This is followed by the increase/decrease (plus/minus) volume buttons. These aren’t feather touch buttons when I press the button I could clearly hear the click sound. The volume (+/-) buttons don’t double up as track forward/backward/skip buttons.


The Get Together speaker performs quite a few tricks for the user. Unlike some top-end speakers, this one doesn’t have an optical input, NFC, AirPlay, or Wi-Fi feature. Users can play sound on the speaker using three methods: pairing the devices using Bluetooth, using 3.5mm audio input feature to connect the non-Bluetooth supported device, and through the USB port. House of Marley Get Together Bluetooth speaker has all the essential features and, as stated above, a few special functions.

I have paired Bluetooth speakers umpteen number of times. So, the pairing process is second nature to me. To pair the devices, I pressed the Bluetooth button for three seconds. The indicator on top of the speaker flashed a blue light. I open the Bluetooth section of my device and found names or codes of a number of devices. Unlike some devices, the Get Together doesn’t display code or acronym as its name. I found Marley Get Together on the list. Finally, a couple of more clicks and it’s done. A successful pairing is indicated by a solid blue light. Even a slight mistake, like pressing the Bluetooth button for more than three seconds would erase the previously paired device.

Apart from the regular Bluetooth pairing method, the speaker also permits the use of USB port and Auxiliary input point to connect the speaker to various devices. To pause and play a soundtrack, users could use the Bluetooth button.

House of Marley claims the Get Together speaker can be used as the power source to charge devices through the USB port. I haven’t tried this feature yet, it would be great if it works.


House of Marley has not provided any remote control feature, but it seems they have invested time and money on improving the performance of the speaker. Don’t expect the speaker to vibrate the eardrums with its boomy bass effect. The truth is the bass in this speaker sucks.

In spite of poor bass, the speaker performs extremely well. The two tweeters and two woofers produce an excellent stereo effect. One advantage of having a poor bass is that the audio is clear and crisp. The bamboo and fabric body doesn’t hinder or distort the sound. The clear sound from the speaker easily fills a large room. The maximum Bluetooth range of this speaker is around 100 feet, which is very good for a portable speaker.

House of Marley Get Together Bluetooth Speaker has a lithium ion rechargeable battery that lasts up to 8 hours. This might not seem much, but if you consider the number of woofers and sound quality, the 8-hour playtime doesn’t disappoint the users. Plugging the DC power input will begin the recharge. A small light near the input indicates the battery is charging. Finally, the USB acts both as a charger and device connector.

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Our Verdict

The use of music and art forms to express ones’ idea and emotion isn’t new. House of Marley has done the same with its Get Together Bluetooth speaker. The speaker perfectly showcases the philosophy of the company – charity, sustainability, and equality.

The House of Marley Get Together Speaker is long and heavy. But its use of eco-friendly materials makes it the best choice for those who care for the environment. The speaker is well designed, has all the regular features, and doles out loud music that fills the room. I love this speaker just for its bamboo exterior. Buy House of Marley Get Together Bluetooth Speakers and become one with nature.

House of Marley Get Together Mini BT Bluetooth Speaker Review