House of Marley Bluetooth Speakers

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About House of Marley Bluetooth Speakers

If the name House of Marley brings images of the late, great Bob Marley to mind, it’s no wonder since this fantastic company was created from the Marley Family’s passion to bring Bob vision of respect for nature, music and love to life by creating products from sustainably crafted materials.

All of the products that House of Marley sells have been carefully made from responsibly sourced materials like recycled aluminium, fabrics, plastics and FSC certified wood.  Bamboo is also a popular material.

The House of Marley brand is committed to high quality performance that is realistic and powerful.  Their focus on earth friendly materials, innovative design and attention to detail put this company at the top of the list for those looking for exceptional Bluetooth speakers that provide the ultimate in great sound.

Not only will you get to enjoy the best performance and quality Bluetooth speakers around but you will be supporting global movements that are dedicated to peace, youth and the planet as well by supporting House of Marley.


The House of Marley Difference

One of the main attributes of House of Marley Bluetooth speakers that you simply won’t find anywhere else is the recycled, sustainable materials that are a mainstay of the Marley brand. If the environment and today’s youth and peace are all important issues to you, you can purchase from House of Marley knowing you are contributing to something more than an electronics company that wants to make money.  This company really cares about this world we live in and that is evident in this unique direction they have chosen for their creation of their projects.

Other notable differences that set the House of Marley apart from other Bluetooth manufacturers are their quality designs and craftsmanship that provide consumers with Bluetooth speakers that are unique so you don’t have the same speaker everyone else has. The crystal clear sound is also a mainstay of the House of Marley brand so you never trade incredible sound for unique and innovative design.


House of Marley Bluetooth Speaker Features

There are many great features that you will see when you are looking at different House of Marley Bluetooth speakers. These features are what make these Bluetooth speakers customer favorites.  These features include crystal clear sound, changeable face plates made from recycled aluminium or bamboo, multi-room listening ability, large choice of designs and price points, as well as some that are dust and water resistant.

There are even Bluetooth speakers that fit right into your cup holder in your vehicle and feature integrated microphones that enable users to use the Bluetooth speaker as a speaker phone. With all of these great features and more, House of Marley will easily take care of all your Bluetooth speaker needs while helping to take care of the planet as well.