Bose Bluetooth Speakers

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Bose SoundLink Mini IIBose Soundlink Mini II Bluetooth Speaker ReviewBose SoundLink Mini II$$
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Bose SoundLink Color IIBose Soundlink Colour II Bluetooth Speaker ReviewBose SoundLink Color II$

About Bose Bluetooth Speakers

Hear the name Bose and you automatically expect to hear something great, and with good reason. Bose has been around for decades, their dedication to high-end sound and innovative technology their prime objective starting from day one.

Dr. Amar Bose’s vision and determination to reach for bigger and better things and achieve them has been the foundational principle in all of the Bose products and is evident in their very popular line of mini Bluetooth speakers. The small size and exceptional sound their Soundlink® Bluetooth speaker line produces has made these speakers the best and fastest-selling product in Bose history.

The Bose Difference

Although the Bose Corporation started off catering to the needs of the military and government back in 1964, Dr. Bose introduced the first consumer product, a loudspeaker, in 1966. Through the low sales of this product, due to the high cost and lack of experience in marketing and sales, he learned what was important to consumers and why they weren’t clamoring to buy the loudspeaker. He took what he learned, applied it to future products he created, and never looked back.

Consumers will be happy to see that all of the Soundlink® mini Bluetooth speakers in this line are created with what makes Bose stand out among other companies; the ability to take a small device and provide concert-like sound. This technology is what put them on the map and they’ve never strayed from it. It’s this high end quality with unbeatable bass performance that sets them apart from other companies.

Bose Bluetooth Speaker Features

There are several products in the Soundlink® Bluetooth speaker line for consumers to choose from. Features that are common to all of the Bluetooth speakers include the ability to connect to any Bluetooth enabled device easily and quickly, a range of about 30 feet so you can enjoy great sound without worrying about wires and that is just the beginning.

Other features include long lasting lithium batteries, built-in microphones in some units that allow you to answer calls and access Siri or Google Now, compact sizes that fit easily into your backpack or purse and the Bose depth, fullness and clarity that has made this brand a household name.