About  Us

Long story short

Hi and welcome to Bluetooth Speaker Hub!

My name is Samuel (but my friends call me Sammy), and I’m here to guide you through the massive (and sometimes confusing!) world of Bluetooth speakers.

I have always been passionate about the world of music and the journey it can take you on. No matter where you are, music will follow you and fill your world. From your car, to a sold-out concert, street performer, radio, portable device (ok, am I showing my age now?!) – Music is everywhere.

For me, I can happily spend hours browsing through forums and manufacturer sites looking at new technology in the world of music and sound systems. Just for Bluetooth speakers alone, the choice can be overwhelming, and I first became aware of how much so when my parents decided to purchase their first speakers. What I found through their experience is that there is a mountain of different opinions and conflicting information floating around about what’s great and what’s not in speakers.

It gave me the idea to create this site. I wanted to help make this process as simple as possible for everyone, to help make your decisions on which Bluetooth speakers to use an enjoyable one.

And let’s be honest – buying new toys (I mean Bluetooth speakers) so I can review them is a little fun as well!

I am constantly searching for feedback from my friends, from forums and from readers where-ever I can to give you the information you need about the best Bluetooth speakers available. From this, I write honest and no nonsense reviews to provide you some guidance on which speaker can be best for you.

I also write articles on information you might find useful around Bluetooth speakers in general, to help educate and de-bunk some myths out there. So please visit often as I am constantly adding to this library.

Happy reading!